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    Preface (February 11, 1991)


    Introduction Mary Book


   Chapter One: Grace and Devotion to Mary

                          Prayer to the Dead



                          Grace and Tolerance

                          Different Religions

                          Openness to Devotion to Mary

    Chapter Two: Mary, Holy Objects and God

                          Holy Objects and Holy Places

                          Mary and the Saints

                          Arguments Against Devotion to Mary

    Chapter Three: Primary Teachings - Mary the Virgin


                          Brothers and Sisters of Jesus

                          Sacred Tradition

                          Motherhood of Mary  

                          Free Will and Love of God 

    Chapter Four: Mary and Jesus   

    Chapter Five: Deeper Teachings -

                          Mary the Spouse of the Holy Spirit

                          St. Joseph the Husband of Mary


                          The Assumption or Resurrection

                                  of Mary                                    

                          The Immaculate Conception of Mary     

    Chapter Six: Teachings Not Yet Declared Dogmas -


                          Devotions to the Sacred Hearts of

                                 Jesus and Mary

                          The Tribulation and God's Mercy

                          Mediatrix of All Graces                     

                          Mary Our Advocate -

                                A Mediator with our Mediator    

    Chapter Seven: Final Thoughts and Reflections

                          Marian Devotions

                          Mary and the Charismatic Renewal

                          Salvation, Grace and the Baptism

                                 of the Holy Spirit

                          Spiritual Warfare and Mary

                          The Eucharist, Body and Blood

                                 of Jesus Made Present

                          Development of the Teaching on Mary

                                 and Church Unity

                          Hierarchy of Truths in Christian Faith

                          Fullness of Truth and Mary

                          Mary Essential for the New Pentecost

                          Consecration to Mary Individual and

                                 Group Consecrations

                          Litany of Mary's Faith Journey

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Copyright, J. Roy MacIntyre 2009



Mary is an essential part of the New Pentecost coming on the Earth in preparation for the second coming of Jesus. To ignore this fact is to limit our response to God's call. This new outpouring of the Spirit will soon lead to an answer to Jesus' prayer for unity among Christians that the world may know that Jesus was sent by His Father. I am greatly optimistic that this will be accomplished soon and I hope that this little work will assist the process in some small way. The love of God is beyond our ability to describe adequately or to fully comprehend. Yet, in Mary, His most precious and beautiful pearl, we see something of His love and through her we come to know Him more surely, serve Him more wholly and love Him more truly. As Patti Gallagher Mansfield puts it, "I believe that an important element in preparing for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit is our relationship with Mary as Mother ". In another place she says, "I must witness to the fact that entrustment to Mary as my Mother has deepened my consecration to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Entrusting myself to the heart of Mary has positioned me next to the pierced heart of Christ and has opened for me a door to greater intimacy with God. I long to bring others with me through that door."

Jesus asked whether He would find any faith on earth when He returned (Lk 18:8). Those who are devoted to Mary will persevere in the faith because she who believed will obtain the blessing of faith for her faithful children.