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    Preface (February 11, 1991)


    Introduction Mary Book


   Chapter One: Grace and Devotion to Mary

                          Prayer to the Dead



                          Grace and Tolerance

                          Different Religions

                          Openness to Devotion to Mary

    Chapter Two: Mary, Holy Objects and God

                          Holy Objects and Holy Places

                          Mary and the Saints

                          Arguments Against Devotion to                                    Mary

    Chapter Three: Primary Teachings -

                          Mary the Virgin


                          Brothers and Sisters of Jesus

                          Sacred Tradition

                          Motherhood of Mary  

                          Free Will and Love of God 

    Chapter Four: Mary and Jesus   

    Chapter Five: Deeper Teachings -

                          Mary the Spouse of the Holy                                    Spirit

                          St. Joseph the Husband of Mary


                          The Assumption or Resurrection

                                  of Mary

                          The Immaculate Conception of                                   Mary      

    Chapter Six: Teachings Not Yet

                          Declared Dogmas -


                          Devotions to the Sacred Hearts                                   of  Jesus and Mary

                          The Tribulation and God's Mercy

                          Mediatrix of All Graces 

                          Mary Our Advocate -

                                A Mediator with our


    Chapter Seven: Final Thoughts and Reflections

                          Marian Devotions

                          Mary and the Charismatic


                          Salvation, Grace and the Baptism

                                 of the Holy Spirit

                          Spiritual Warfare and Mary

                          The Eucharist, Body and Blood

                                 of Jesus Made Present

                          Development of the Teaching

                                 on Mary and Church Unity

                          Hierarchy of Truths in Christian


                          Fullness of Truth and Mary

                          Mary Essential for the New


                          Consecration to Mary Individual

                                 and Group Consecrations

                          Litany of Mary's Faith Journey

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© Copyright, J. Roy MacIntyre 2009



Litany of Mary's Believing Faith

When taught by her parents Saints Joakim and Ann,       

R: Blessed Mary believed

When she beheld the death of her parents,                            R

When learning the Scriptures in the Temple of the Lord,    R

When making her vows to the virginal life,                          R

When Mary was engaged to Joseph bar-Jacob,                    R

When Gabriel announced the conception of Jesus,                R

When St. John the Baptist leapt in St. Elizabeth’s womb,  R


When St. Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit,           R

When Elizabeth gave birth to St. John the Baptist,             R

When St. Joseph wanted to divorce her informally,              R

When Mary was married to St. Joseph the carpenter,          R

When the Holy Family set out for Bethlehem,                      R

When there was no room for them in the Inn,                        R

When Mary brought forth the Christ Child, Jesus,               R


When directed by angels, shepherds came to the manger,     R

When Magi from the east came to worship Jesus,                R

When Jesus was circumcised on the eighth day,                    R

When Simeon foretold that Jesus would be a sign of contradiction for the rising and falling of many,                   R

When Simeon foretold that Mary's heart too would be pierced that the secret thoughts of many would be revealed,                                                                                                   R

When the Holy Family fled into Egypt,                                R

When the Holy Family returned to Nazareth,                      R


When twelve-year-old Jesus was lost in Jerusalem,             R

When Jesus and Mary beheld the death of St. Joseph,         R

When Mary pondered all these things in her heart,               R

When there was no wine at the wedding in Cana,                 R

When Jesus' relatives thought Him out of His mind,            R

When Jesus bid us to call God our Father,                            R

When Jesus said He would feed us His Body and Blood,     R


When Jesus was condemned by Pontius Pilate,                     R

When Jesus was scourged at the pillar,                                  R

When Jesus was crowned with thorns,                                  R

When Pilate presented Jesus to the people who cried, "Crucify Him, crucify Him",                                                     R

When Jesus carried His cross to Calvary,                               R

When His mother met Him on the way of the cross,              R

When His mother saw Him being nailed to the cross,            R


When His mother stood near as he hung from the cross,        R

When Jesus gave Mary to us at the cross,                               R

When Jesus gave us to Mary at the cross,                               R

When death finally came to Jesus on the cross,                       R

When pierced with a lance Jesus shed blood and water,        R

When abandonment pierced Mary's soul on the Saturday,     R

When awaiting expectantly her Son on the Sunday,              R


When Jesus appeared to His disciples on Easter,                   R

When Jesus opened the scriptures to His disciples,                R

When Jesus ascended from the mount into heaven,                R

When the Holy Spirit came upon the Church at Pentecost,  R

When Mary received her first Holy Communion,                   R

When Mary saw the Church suffering persecution,               R

When Mary faced her own earthly end,                                  R


Blessed is Mary assumed into heaven,                            

       R: Holy Mary Pray For Us

Blessed is Mary crowned Queen of Heaven and of Earth,    R

Blessed is Mary who crushed the head of the serpent,           R

Blessed is Mary who put an end to all heresies,                     R

Blessed is Mary who delivered the Church, the virgin bride of Christ, without blemish or spot to her Lord Jesus Christ,     R

O Mary Immaculate conceived without sin,

Pray for us who have recourse to thee.

 Let us pray.

Oh God, Abraham's unwavering faith foreshadowed the perfect faith of his virgin daughter Mary, who by her obedience and faith brought forth our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Please grant us this same faith of Mary, her certain hope and her ardent charity that by the power of the Holy Spirit we may be formed into perfect images of Him Who is her Son and Your Son our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.