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    Preface (February 11, 1991)


    Introduction Mary Book


   Chapter One: Grace and Devotion to Mary

                          Prayer to the Dead



                          Grace and Tolerance

                          Different Religions

                          Openness to Devotion to Mary

    Chapter Two: Mary, Holy Objects and God

                          Holy Objects and Holy Places

                          Mary and the Saints

                          Arguments Against Devotion to Mary

    Chapter Three: Primary Teachings - Mary the Virgin


                          Brothers and Sisters of Jesus

                          Sacred Tradition

                          Motherhood of Mary  

                          Free Will and Love of God 

    Chapter Four: Mary and Jesus   

    Chapter Five: Deeper Teachings -

                          Mary the Spouse of the Holy Spirit

                          St. Joseph the Husband of Mary


                          The Assumption or Resurrection

                                  of Mary                                    

                          The Immaculate Conception of Mary     

    Chapter Six: Teachings Not Yet Declared Dogmas -


                          Devotions to the Sacred Hearts of

                                 Jesus and Mary

                          The Tribulation and God's Mercy

                          Mediatrix of All Graces                     

                          Mary Our Advocate -

                                A Mediator with our Mediator    

    Chapter Seven: Final Thoughts and Reflections

                          Marian Devotions

                          Mary and the Charismatic Renewal

                          Salvation, Grace and the Baptism

                                 of the Holy Spirit

                          Spiritual Warfare and Mary

                          The Eucharist, Body and Blood

                                 of Jesus Made Present

                          Development of the Teaching on Mary

                                 and Church Unity

                          Hierarchy of Truths in Christian Faith

                          Fullness of Truth and Mary

                          Mary Essential for the New Pentecost

                          Consecration to Mary Individual and

                                 Group Consecrations

                          Litany of Mary's Faith Journey

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Before I move on let me add something about indulgences. This much maligned practice of obtaining atonement for debts a person incurred while living on earth has led to a neglect of the poor souls in purgatory. The reason for this is that around 1500 there were some abuses of the process of obtaining indulgences. 1500 was proclaimed a Jubilee year and many official indulgences were offered. However, there were also many clandestine vendors selling invalid indulgences. As a result, people did not know what were true Jubilee indulgences. This kind of abuse as well as the process of selling indulgences generally led Martin Luther to attack the practice. Unfortunately, the attack on the process grew to a total discrediting of the theology. As a result, only the Catholic Church in the west continued the practice of prescribing indulgences to make atonement for the debts of the dead in Christ.

Lamentably, with changes that have taken place in the Church over the last fifty years or so prayers for the dead have fallen steeply. Many Catholics have stopped the practice of praying for the holy souls who are being purified for heaven in purgatory. As noted above many die with these unpaid debts and because so few are aware that their loved ones may be suffering in purgatory the holy souls suffer without relief. The most charitable act we can do is to obtain indulgences for these souls in purgatory who can do nothing for themselves.

Because our prayers and atoning sacrifices offered for the holy souls arise from our faith, God gives them much more value than they would otherwise be worth. As a result, we can obtain great relief for the suffering souls by our meagre efforts in faith.

Along with praying and making sacrifices for the holy souls we can find what special requirements the Church asks for special indulgences for the holy souls. The Church by its authority offers opportunities to gain partial and full atonement for those in purgatory. For instance, saying the rosary every day, going to confession every two weeks, praying for the intentions of the Pope and living a life free from attachment to sin can gain a full atonement or plenary indulgence for a soul in purgatory every day. We can thereby release into heaven a soul longing for full communion with God every single day of the year if we choose to make the effort.

We can choose to believe that there is no purgatory and thereby neglect the holy souls suffering there. Pascalís wager applies to purgatory as much as it does to belief in God. (Itís a safer gamble to believe because you cannot lose. On the other hand, if you choose not to believe and you die you could regret it. So, it would seem better safe by praying earnest to God for those awaiting their entry into heaven than sorry when we find that our loved ones have been suffering without our help.

A final benefit is that the souls in purgatory can pray for us while in purgatory even though they canít help themselves. So we can ask their intercession which I am sure will continue for us when they reach the glory of heaven. They will pray for us if we too are in purgatory. Please do not neglect the suffering souls in purgatory. Pray for them, have Masses said and obtain whatever indulgences you can for them. Through your prayers for the holy souls you will find great peace and help in your daily life and joy in heaven.

Now that we have looked at prayer to the dead in Christ and at the issues around the dead in Christ we can see that it is reasonable to turn to Mary in prayer asking her to help us by her prayers before the thrown of God. So, now let us look at some issues around having a devotion to Mary, the mother of our Lord.